“Manetas as a guest”

In July 2021 Miltos Manetas came from Bogota, where he lives, to the oikia Nikolou in Synoikismos, Corinth. A couple of hours after his arrival he started turning the house into an atelier and eventually it is now an exhibition space. Manetas made drawings and paintings; he remade older works of him that were in his family house in Derveni, less than an hour away from the oikia Nikolou, and new works influenced by a book of Chinese art found in the house.

Having Manetas in Corinth was an experience and the space carries it. People can come and visit the exhibition. The hosts and tour guides will be the ones sharing the same walls with the exhibition space, the Nikolou parents.

Please contact corinthartplatform@gmail.com or call at +30 6946302182 to make an appointment.

And a couple of hours before his departure he decided to paint Assange on the kitchens…

Kalliopi Nikolou drawings of the artist.

And when you will visit the exhibition, they will offer you Vanilla “submarine”.

This is Miltos Manetas as a guest!